AALAS Webinar: Mice, Mice, Baby: Normal Behavior in the Laboratory Mouse

The objective of this webinar is familiarize the audience with the natural history and normal behaviors of the domesticated house mouse and its wild counterpart so that the appropriate measures can be implemented to alleviate stress and provide biologically relevant enrichments in their captive environment. Wild rodent behavior is rich, complex, and fascinating. Yet the casual observer of laboratory rodent behavior will only see a fraction of the breadth and complexity of behavior seen in the wild. This session will introduce the audience to the range and adaptability of normal behavior in wild mice, and the central role of behavior in adapting to harsh environments. We will discuss the impact of modern mouse husbandry on behavior, the limitations this places on mice's ability to cope with the stress of captivity, and enrichment as a means of facilitation coping behaviors. Ultimately we will use this perspective to assess mouse housing and enrichment from the mouse's point of view. Consequences for well-being will be explored, and particular emphasis will be placed on the importance of behavior in properly assessing the effectiveness and impact of enrichments before they are implemented. Further examples of normal and abnormal mouse behavior, including video clips, and observational protocols, can be found at www.mousebehavior.org.
Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 12:00pm
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