Scientist Webinar: Accelerating Cell-free Transcription & Translation with Acoustic Liquid Handling

Cell-free transcription-translation (TXTL) is becoming a popular laboratory research tool covering a growing number of multidisciplinary applications. TXTL is employed in biology, bioengineering, synthetic biology, and biological physics. Major applications of TXTL include biomanufacturing and prototyping DNA programs, from regulatory elements to gene circuits. The new generation of TXTL systems is user-friendly, powerful, and versatile. Combined with automated liquid dispensing, TXTL can dramatically accelerate bioengineering and the characterization of novel technologies, such as CRISPR. Labcyte, Inc., the sponsor of this LabTools webinar, provides a unique, automated acoustic liquid handler ideal for TXTL work. Topics to be covered: Review of the available TXTL platforms and their capabilities; The major TXTL applications; and High-throughput TXTL reactions using the Echo 550 Liquid Handler from Labcyte
Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - 2:30pm
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