2023 AZAALAS Fall Fun Event at Liberty Wildlife Nov 11th

Join us for the AZAALAS Fall Family Fun Event at Liberty Wildlife
2600 E. Elwood St., Phoenix AZ

Saturday, November 11, 2023: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Cost: AZAALAAS - Members free admission for the event and lunch
Thanks to our sponsor nonmembers can sign up for free too! 

Liberty Wildlife assists the state of Arizona with rehabilitation of native species, specializing in avian, reptile, amphibian and small mammal species.  They care for over 10,000 animals every year with a release rate over 50%, above the national norm.


Their goal is to release every animal that comes in.  Those that cannot be rehabilitated to a quality of life are humanely euthanized.  All others are released or if non releasable are placed in zoos, nature centers, or breeding facilities or used as educational ambassadors or foster parents for their species.

Liberty Wildlife was incorporated in January, 1981 by Dr. Katherine Orr.  As a veterinarian who specialized in wildlife, in particular wild birds, she was the most experienced person in the area dealing with wildlife.  Seeing a need for a facility that specialized in the care of injured orphaned wild animals, she incorporated Liberty Wildlife as a not for profit organization with a mission for caring for wildlife species and wildlife education.  The organization has grown and prospered over the past 31 years growing from a small organization taking in 85 animals the first year with a volunteer staff of 3.  Each year the group took in more animals, began training animals to use in education, publishing a newsletter and appearing on television, radio, and in the papers.  With each appearance the volunteer staff grew and became more and more professional to the current award winning organization of today.

Liberty Wildlife specializes in caring for endangered and/or threatened species like California condors, bald and golden eagles and all raptor species.  They also are the ‘go to’ facility for caring for other native wild birds especially during the busy orphan season. they generally assist over 130 different species in a year.

Liberty Wildlife provides first class educational programs using trained handlers/teachers using well-conditioned educational raptors who have been deemed non-releasable.  They recently provided over 827 programs a year at 488 different venues using over 50 different raptors, tortoises, and snakes.  Attention is given to conservation and sustainability, state standards, age appropriateness, particular educational requests, and the enhancing of attitudes like compassion and engagement.

Behind the scenes tours begin with a video, a quick walk-through of the medical side of their campus, learn about animal ambassadors Junior, Groot, Aurora, & Tucker, and get a look behind the scenes of the Non-Eagle Feather Repository.

Agenda: 10:00 Facility tour
10:45 Eagle Presentation
11:45 Flight Presentation
Free time until close at 1:00 pm


Lunch held after at Esteban Park 3345 E Roeser Rd. Phoenix Az ~ 2 miles from the Wildlife center.

Please pay via PayPal and complete the registration form

Check out what our visit will be like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5lbUBPDbqY

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Want to do something to help out Liberty Wildlife?  Check out the list of what is needed on their wishlist: https://libertywildlife.org/how-to-help/wishlist/

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