Animal Care Systems webinar - Homes for Animal Heroes: The truth has never felt so good!

NAIA’s Homes for Animal Heroes (HAH) program educates the public and our legislators about the critical contributions of research animals to human and animal health; in addition, HAH also finds permanent, loving homes for our canine heroes post-study. Since the program launched in Missouri in 2017, we have expanded to 13 states, and demand for our services from institutions across the US continues to grow. HAH prepares research dogs for residential living through a dedicated foster network that has rehomed hundreds of dogs with permanent, loving families over the past few years. We are changing the conversation about animals in research, and the public, media, and legislators are starting to listen! We're calling on you and others within the lab animal community to help share the truth about research animals. We all benefit from their critical contributions to treatments and cures — this means you, your loved ones, and your beloved animal companions. Please join us to discuss where we are now, where we need to go and why it matters to you and everyone you love. Dr. Cindy Buckmaster holds a Master's Degree in Science Education and a PhD in Neurobiology and Behavior. She was formerly the Director of the Center for Comparative Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and is currently a Strategic Advisor for Transnetyx, a company that specializes in highly accurate, high throughput genotyping for biomedical studies. Cindy is frequently interviewed by the media for her knowledge of basic research with animals and has authored several articles for the public outreach column in the journal Lab Animal. Her involvement in the lab animal community spans a wide range of educational, advocacy, and public outreach organizations, as she is the Director for Public Outreach with the National Animal Interest Alliance, the Chair of Americans for Medical Progress, the President of the Texas Society for Biomedical Research, a Past President of the Laboratory Animal Welfare Training Exchange, and a Past President of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.
Tuesday, July 7, 2020 - 11:00am to Wednesday, July 8, 2020 - 10:45am
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