Get Involved...Volunteer!

It takes wonderful volunteers to step up and support AZAALAS by giving of their time and talents to support branch activities throughout Arizona.  Our committees are always looking for folks like you to get involved:

Awards Committee: We are in charge of the Arizona Branch Member of the Year, and Technician of the Year awards. We're responsible for coordinating the International Technician Week preparations with our member institutions across the state. We are looking for volunteers from all our member institutions who will encourage nomination submissions across our branch as well as active planners and participants for memorable Tech Week celebrations for all.  Join us!

Communications Committee:  This committee is responsible for maintaining the branch website, Facebook page & FB group, as well as producing our electronic newsletters, announcements and updating our branch listservs as necessary.  If you have talents in any of these areas, or would like to develop some, Email us to join our team!

Education Committee: The purpose of the education committee is to provide/procure resources for AZAALAS members that can help increase their knowledge of the research process, thereby increasing their understanding of, and effectiveness in, the part they have in that process. Volunteers on this committee will help to identify resources and activities to serve that purpose.  If you have ideas for expanding education in the branch, Join us!

Events Committee: We are working on getting frequent regional events going so members can get together more often and network.   We also work on the branch's fun event each year that lets members from across the state get together for a family fun event and tour- Sounds like fun...Join our team!

Membership Committee: This committee is looking for enthusiastic individuals to help market AZAALAS membership.  You will be promoting the perks of being an AZAALAS member and encouraging current members to become more actively involved in the organization - Join the team!

Nominations Committee: Our committee’s goal is to encourage member submitted nominations for future AZAALAS leaders as well as nominations for Technician of the Year and Member of the Year awards.  If you have some good ideas and want to join the group, Let us Know!

Program Committee: This committee is responsible for finding speakers and suggesting topics for our Spring and Summer Video Conferences as well as coordinating the Holiday Installation and coordinating our annual charity event - Have some great ideas?...Join the team!.

Scholarship Committee: We oversee the branch National AALAS Membership Scholarships for members working on their AALAS certification. If you want to know more about the scholarship, or are interested in joining the committee, Email us!

To volunteer for any of the committees, please complete this form

These committees are only a few of the ways you can get involved.  For additional opportunities, contact us!