Kids of Steele Charity

Support the Louise Brooks Memorial Charity Raffle - Southern Arizona

December 5, 2020 at the Installation Event in Tucson
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Kids of Steele...helping improve today’s care and tomorrow’s cure for the children of Arizona."

Kids of Steele is a group of children, their families, and partners who have banded together to help improve today’s care and tomorrow’s cure for the children of Arizona. Through various activities, Kids of Steele will raise awareness and funds for UA Steele Children’s Research Center and the young people they support.

Kids of Steele holds breakfasts and snack times for youth patients in the hospital as well as special projects, crafts and provide games and distractions for young patients.

Please help Arizona AALAS supporting the Kids of Steele by donating or purchasing tickets. All proceeds go to the Steele Children's Research Center's Kids of Steele.

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Steele Children's Research Center's mission is to teach, to heal, and to discover:

Teaching - Each year, 13 young doctors come to The University of Arizona as pediatric residents. During their three years of training, these doctors work alongside our faculty members and pediatricians in the community. Steele Children's Research Center faculty members also teach medical students and mentor graduate and undergraduate students who work in our research labs.

Healing - The pediatricians at the Steele Children's Research Center take care of thousands of sick children in Southern Arizona and around the state. Pediatric specialists such as cardiologists, geneticists and pulmonologists travel to rural areas of Arizona including the Native American reservations to bring specialized care to children in need.

Discovering - Approximately 100 research projects are underway at the Steele Center. Areas of research are diverse—from cancer to lung disease to nutritional problems—but the focus of each research project is the child. The researchers at the Steele Center receive grant support from national funding agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, and in many cases, research projects receive their start from community philanthropy.

"Thank you for your support of the Kids of Steele. All children need to play, and sick children need it even more - they need it to heal, to restore themselves, and to reduce the trauma of hospitalization. Your gift helps to give all the children the space they need for the therapy of play."- Kent Rollins, UMC Foundation, in a letter of thanks for last years contribution.