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December 5, 2020 at the Installation Event in Tucson
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"Gabriel's Angels...inspires confidence, compassion, and best behaviors in at-risk children through pet therapy."

Gabriel’s Angels mission is to inspire confidence, compassion, and best behaviors in at-risk children through pet therapy. Pet Therapy Teams visit crisis nurseries, domestic violence and homeless shelters, and Title one schools all in an effort to intervene in children’s lives and enhance their emotional and behavioral development by teaching core behaviors – attachment, confidence, self-regulation, affiliation, empathy, tolerance, and respect.

Gabriel’s Angels provides a non-threatening venue to learn self-control and sensitivity.

Gabriel’s Angels serves 15,000 abused, neglected, and at-risk children in Arizona through the application of innovative pet therapy. The program’s goal is to increase the overall sense of well-being and happiness for children in a safe environment and to build critical core behaviors, such as trust, empathy, respect, tolerance, and self-esteem.

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Gabriel's Angels visits facilities serving Arizona's at-risk children in the Phoenix, Prescott, and Tucson metropolitan areas. Registered teams, consisting of an owner and pet, offer unconditional love while teaching confidence, respect, and empathy. They also focus on other life skills these children have not learned through traditional channels, such as the humane treatment of animals. We serve children from infants to 18 years of age. At the majority of our visits, we provide "animal-assisted activities" to Arizona's at-risk children. Animal-assisted activities are goal-related activities that improve the quality of the child's life through the use of the human-animal bond. We use the term Pet Therapy because the general population more easily recognizes it to mean animals visiting with human clients. Animal-assisted therapy, on the other hand, is used as part of a treatment process for a client. In animal-assisted therapy, the registered team would work with and under the direction of therapists who set therapeutic goals and evaluate the process.





"Gabriel's Angels is honored to receive a generous donation in support of our mission to inspire confidence, compassion, and best behaviors in at-risk youth through pet therapy. Thank you!"