2018 Academy of Surgical Research Annual Meeting

Scientists concerned about incomplete communication across the disciplines of surgical investigation founded the Academy of Surgical Research. The society fosters interdisciplinary transfer of ideas and theories by offering a common platform through which the reporting of valid surgical research efforts is a reality. The Academy of Surgical Research was founded to: Encourage, foster, promote, and advance professional and academic standards, education, research, and development in the arts and sciences of experimental surgery; Promote, initiate, support, and accomplish academic and practical educational programs, cooperative research, and development in experimental surgery in the public interest; Promote humane use and treatment of experimental animals and prevent their use when other means can bring about the same scientific results; Cooperate with medical organizations, other scientific organizations, government agencies, and other interested parties in establishing, reviewing, and evaluating ethics, theories, practices, and research pertaining to surgical research and promotion of the product of surgical research for clinical application; Encourage the advancement of the field of surgery in all aspects, including research, education, and critical promotion of research products for clinical applications - and the annual meeting serves to bring all these concepts to life and brings all of us together to share our insights, equipment, etc. You wont want to miss it!
Wednesday, September 26, 2018 (All day) to Friday, September 28, 2018 (All day)
State, Province or Country: 
South Carolina
Event Time Zone: 
Arizona Time (no Daylight savings)
Standard Time