The Grace Aranda Member of the Year Award

Winners of this award encourage active participation within the branch; works diligently to meet deadlines regardless of other daily obligations; volunteers to assist fellow members and provide support when needed.  They promote education through meeting attendance and believe in active membership in the branch. 

They take measures to encourage animal welfare in research and actively participate in branch and national organizations for continuing education.  They may act to present papers and posters at meetings or write articles.  They have received awards to recognize exceptional contributions to the field of laboratory animal science along with active participation in community education and support and nominate others for the same.




Pam Bortz - 2015

Cindy Madura - 2014​

David Lopez - 2013

April Wagner  - 2012

Grace Aranda - 2011

Tim Martin - 2010

Chrystal Redding - 2009

Grace Aranda - 2008

Grace Aranda - 2007

Chrystal Redding  - 2006 Grace Aranda - 2005 Grace Aranda - 2004 Andi Mitchell - 2003 Grace Aranda - 2002
Grace Aranda - 2001 Stephanie Munger - 2000 Grace Aranda - 1999 April Kern - 1998 Grace Aranda - 1997 Jane Criswell - 1996
Louise Brooks - 1995 Tim Martin - 1994 Grace Aranda - 1993 Jose Orozco - 1992 Casey Kilcullen - 1991 Grace Aranda - 1990


The Stuart Houston Technician of the Year Award

Nominees for the Technician of the Year award must demonstrate a positive attitude and a dedicated approach to the betterment of animal care through technical performance and education at your facility.

Individual accomplishments may include:

  • Demonstrates a positive attitude and dedicated approach to the betterment of animal care through technical performance and education;
  • Participates in the AALAS Certification process;
  • Assists in training of fellow technicians;
  • Promotes and participates in continuing animal care related education;
  • Suggests ideas to alleviate animal distress, enhance facility management, and decrease animal numbers
  • Exceptional accomplishments may include:
  • Measures to encourage animal welfare in research, active participation in the local and national organizations for continued education, any paper presentation, articles or awards received to recognize exceptional contributions to the field of laboratory animal science along with active participation in community education and support.
  • Demonstrates devotion in personal time to assist in organization of programs, workshops, and other functions provided by the branch. 
  • Encourages active participation within the branch, works diligently to meet deadlines, regardless of other daily obligations. 
  • Volunteers to assist fellow members and provide support when needed.
  • Seeks education through meeting attendance along with active membership in the branch are viewed important for continued growth in the field of laboratory animal science.

Eilene Janke - 2015

Mark Lindholm - 2014

Mike Comroe - 2013

Sandra Schenone - 2012

Eric Tolotti - 2011

Kahrin Romer  - 2010

Tom Greene - 2009

Cindy Madura - 2008

Barbara McNally - 2007

Dustin McAndrew - 2006

Rebecca Hyzer - 2005

Dana Jansen - 2004
April Wagner - 2003 Larry "Skip" Moe  - 2002 April Wagner - 2001 Kathy Stollberg - 2000 Jose Padilla - 1999 Jessie Loganbill - 1998
Vangie Patula - 1997 Leigh Kleinert - 1996 Cindy Richner - 1995 David Williams - 1994 Cheryl Johnson - 1993 Kathy Stollberg - 1992
Kathy Aprahamian - 1991 Vangie Patula - 1990 Louise Brooks - 1989 William Schechner  - 1988 Peggy Kundrat - 1987  


Lab Products Animal Technician Award:

This program is designed to reward a deserving animal care technician from each of the 8 AALAS Districts and Canada with the opportunity to attend their first National AALAS Meeting. The award is limited to animal care personnel, with at least one year of laboratory animal care experience, that have never attended a National AALAS Meeting.

Kim Gonzalez - 2016

Ben Lowry - 2015

Justin Towne - 2011

Scott Cannon - 2008

The District 8 Ron Orta Humanitarian Award:

Established in memory of a compassionate man who devoted his life to the furtherance of laboratory animal science, the Ron Orta Humanitarian Award is awarded each year to the professional who exhibit extraordinary compassion towards their peers; displays a spirit of cooperation and involvement in the activities of their local community; and, participates in continuing education, either as an educator or student in the field of laboratory animal science. See D8 award page for more information on nominations and winners.

Grace Aranda was the first recipient of this great honor sponsored by Allentown Inc in remembrance of our good friend Ron Orta.  The award was presented April 23, 2008 at the District 8 Meeting in Seattle, WA.


National AALAS Technician of the Year: 

The Technician of the Year Award recognizes an individual for their accomplishment and contribution to the promotion of laboratory animal care.  Nominees have primary responsibility for feeding, handling, and/or care of laboratory animals.  The award promotes the laboratory animal technician as an integral member of a research team and encourages continuing education. Nominees for this award are often individuals who have received the Technician or Technologist of the Year Award from their local branch.

April Wagner - 2006​